Massage might be seen as a modern way of pampering at the spa, but it’s one of the earliest forms of healing. And studies have shown that having massages can indeed help your body with a multitude of things!

It Reduces Stress

It’s no secret that having a massage makes you feel good. Most people dream of a massage when they feel tired, or stressed. Science has backed this up in studies that show that having a massage can help lower stress hormones. High levels of those hormones have been linked not just to stress, but obesity and disease.

Certain aromatherapy oils used in massage may also help you relax further. Scents such as lavender has shown some promise in studies. With Nooora, you can choose between many different forms of massage, including aromatherapy massage.

It Helps Relieve Aches and Pains

If you are suffering from tension in your body, especially knots in your back and neck, a massage can help relieve the tension. By relieving the tension, you also relieve the pain.

Some people with chronic aches and pains also say that it helps alleviate their pain. Apart from “unknotting” muscles, a massage can help increase blood flow, which can help speed up healing for various injuries. If in pain you should always consult a doctor, though, as it depends on the cause of the pain whether a massage is recommended, or not.

If you feel that stress is causing you to tense up, don’t add more stress by driving in traffic to get to a massage appointment. Instead, let Nooora come to you. Our home service salon brings massage therapists straight to your doorstep.

It Improves Recovery Time After a Workout

Athletes all receive massages after workouts. This is to help improve recovery time—it aides in healing the muscles. Many athletes also receive massages before working out as it can help improve flexibility. Thai massage can further help with flexibility if you can’t workout and stretch as often as you like and need someone to help stretch your limbs for you.

It Improves Circulation

If you have poor circulation, or suffer from something that makes it impossible for you to move about a lot, massages can help. By massaging muscles and soft tissue, blood flows to the area. This is why it’s often recommended people have feet and leg massages if bedridden for a while.

It Makes You Feel Pampered

Last, but not least, having a massage can help you feel good about yourself. After working hard at work, passing an exam, hitting a life goal, or taking care of the kids for the week…you deserve some pampering. Taking care of yourself will make you feel good and can also help improve your self-confidence. What’s more, research shows that positive re-enforcement (i.e. rewarding good behavior) is one of the best ways of changing behavior. Meaning if you want a new habit to stick, you should reward yourself whenever you perform it. And what better reward than having a massage? Not only does it feel divine, it’s also good for your body!

Feel like having a massage? You can order one right on our website—book today and have a massage therapist come to you for some wonderful relaxation and pampering!

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