Lash Lift Dubai

Lash Tinting

AED 74.00

Lash Lift

AED 189.00

Lash lifting is a beautiful enhancement—unveiling the beauty of youthfulness—just for your eyelashes. The eyelash lift shapes your lashes from their base to their tips, lifting and extending lashes. 

Before your Nooora lash lift in Dubai, you’ll have a consultation with the Nooora aesthetician to determine your needs. 

With an eye for aesthetics, style, and sophistication, she creates your desired lift. The Nooora professional safely utilizes a curling rod and a hint of curl cream while your eyes are closed and protected. The cream softens lashes, enabling her to sculpt with perfection while lifting the lashes. 

The eyelash lift bends your lashes upwards, presenting wide, more fluttering lashes that frame your eyes. Eyes appear brighter and even lovelier. Low maintenance never felt so great.

Lash lift services we offer:

Enhance your natural beauty with our lash lift services. Say good-bye to curling lashes daily -- Enjoy effortlessly lifted lashes that frame your eyes beautifully.

Lash Tinting

AED 74.00

Lash Lift

AED 189.00

Nooora Beauty Concierge Lash Lifting

Lucky the client who chooses a Nooora esthetician.The trained professional can safely perform the lash lift in Dubai—at your place and time of your choice.
The process of lifting lashes begins only after a gentle cleansing prior to priming lashes that soften, open and accept the lifting cream. The esthetician’s careful placement of shields for skin and eye protection precedes the lift. 

Next, silicon rods are applied to lift and curl lashes. Lashes are totally isolated for combing and lifting. When the esthetician has lashes exactly in place, she applies the curling/lifting/perming solution.The cream works quickly, prior to being removed with care.

Because the process uses chemicals, it is important to follow aftercare instructions: No rubbing eyes nor water on the eyes for a day. 

What to Know Before Getting an Eyelash Lift

The process of lifting lashes takes about 45-60 minutes. If there’s any concern about the chemical cream, a client may first need a patch test.

You should know that an eyelash lift does come with some cautions. No matter the care throughout the process, the process may result in irritation, dry or watery eyes, rash or redness. 

What is Lash Tinting & Its Process

Lash tinting transforms the look of your lashes, producing fuller, darker, longer lashes that beautify eyes. While you are getting lash lifting, think about adding lash tinting.

The lash tinting process is quick, and it’s time-saving; toss that messy mascara, tinted lashes is addictive!

Similar to lash lifting, the lashes are isolated from the skin and eyes with the careful use of shields. Next, we apply semi-permanent, cream-based dye that beautifully highlights the lashes, especially the thinner, lighter-colored lashes. 

Voilà, enjoy extraordinarily impressive eyes. 

What to Expect With a Nooora Eyelash Tint

Expect efficient professionalism. Beginning with pre-care, you’ll be asked to avoid mascara and not curl eyelashes for a couple of days before tinting. For the treatment, remove eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes. 

Clients can expect lash tinting to be quick. Lashes typically take just a few minutes to tint.

Your first impression will be, “Oh, my eyes are brighter!” That’s because lash tinting adds extra contrast, a youthful touch to the eyes!

Nooora Dubai Lash Aftercare

After having your lashes tinted, refrain from using contacts the rest of the day, and avoid touching, rubbing, or applying products to your eyes for at least a day. 

It’s a good idea not to swim for at least 2 days, and keep away from direct UV light, which can fade your lovely and lush tinted eyelashes. Also, avoid exfoliants and cleansers, moisturizers and eye serums - any products that are oil-based. 

How Eyelash Lifting and Tinting is Different Than Eyelash Extensions

There’s several versions of eyelash extensions available to clients wishing to beautify their eyes. For example, with a Classic Full Set, we carefully glue high quality mink or silk to your existing lashes.  

The result is similar to curling and tinting, both producing a transformative longer-looking, fuller, and beautiful shape. Each process--lifting and tinting vs eyelash extensions--produces  thicker, longer and darker lashes to beautify your appearance.

Yes, there’s a difference between eyelash tinting/curling and eyelash extensions. You’ll often find, however, that the resulting gaze of admiring eyes is really quite similar. 

Service Duration Price (AED)
Lash Tinting 20 74
Lash Lift 90 189

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You sure can. You’ve probably noticed that the lashes aren’t lifted now. That’s mostly due to the natural shedding of eyelashes—most are naturally replaced by now. A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two months so an eyelash lift is performed on newer regrown lashes.

Not in the first 24 hours. After that, sure—but—it’s important that you avoid using any oil-based cleansers, moisturizers, or makeup removers. A lash serum may be applied after the first 24 hours if the serum is formulated to rejuvenate and nourish the hair follicles.

Lash tinting will fade over four-six weeks. With proper tinting aftercare, it is possible to extend the life of the tint to 8 weeks. On average, though, we lose an eyelash or two each day. Considering we have 90-160 upper and 70-ish lower lashes, you will probably want to re-tint your new lashes by 6-7 weeks. You’ll have plenty of new growth to tint!

Lash tinting is very safe, unless a salon uses regular hair dye. With natural vegetable-based dye or with Keratin, you’ll find that eyes and lashes are safe. This isn’t to say you won’t feel some discomfort, as stinging is common. Not to worry, a saline flush is on its way!

Keratin is a protein that’s enriched with peptides, and it is the essential component of all hair, including your lashes. A Keratin lash lift strengthens and nourishes the lashes, making Keratin an excellent choice for maintaining your lashes’ integrity. You will find that the Nooora Keratin LVL lash lift not only adds both strength and nourishment, but also provides additional benefits. It is thought to hold longer, and aftercare is minimized due to Keratin’s natural conditioning effects.

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