Bikini/Brazilian Waxing Dubai

Bikini Line

AED 68.00

Full Bikini/Brazilian

AED 105.00

It is no wonder that bikini and Brazilian waxing are popular procedures, taking little time to perform, but lasting for weeks. Our estheticians’ products and techniques ensure hair is removed in those areas along the bikini line, or (Brazilian) fully removed.

The professional esthetician applies the best wax with a spatula using careful, swift and gentle movements. She places a cloth strip over the wax, and pats it down prior to pulling. This process pulls the hair away from the roots. Your skin benefits because the waxing simultaneously removes dead skin cells, resulting in smoother looking/feeling skin.

We at Nooora Beauty Concierge love delivering smoothness. Smooth skin radiates confidence, and makes us all love the skin we’re in. 

Nooora bikini waxing gives you confidence and the hair-free, stubble-free smoothness you desire. 

Bikini Line

AED 68.00

Full Bikini/Brazilian

AED 105.00

Why Bikini Waxing is Essential   

Bikini/Brazilian wax treatments are essential. For starters, we at Nooora are known to have perfected the process to exfoliate hair while keeping pubic region soft, clean and clear. Nooora’s bikini waxing process helps remove clogged pores and dead skin, ultimately promoting healthy skin growth. An added bonus? 

When new hair finally emerges, you’ll feel that it’s finer, thinner—naturally softer. What’s more, you choose the waxing style that you desire. 

What’s a Bikini Line Wax?     

Bikini line waxing removes hair along the lines of a bikini bottom - hair that is typically thick and coarse. The process is a healthy alternative to shaving: no clogged pores, broken skin, and no unfortunate heavy hair regrowth. 

The Nooora bikini/brazilian wax delivers a clean, soft, hairless region surrounding the bikini line. For long-lasting hair removal, Nooora’s professional waxing concierge is your solution. 

What’s a Full Bikini Wax?

The Nooora at home full bikini wax produces a delightful look and feel. Our professionals remove hair from the belly trail down and the thighs up. 

Think of this waxing procedure as one step further than the “tidying up” basic bikini wax. While the esthetician follows the bikini line, hair removal borders inside the line for a more defined look and feel. You benefit from the feeling of softness, and you’ll feel more confident, too.

How to Prepare for Bikini Waxing?

Yes! The pain is really quite bearable. And for the modest, your Nooora esthetician can work around your knickers. Begin by booking a Nooora esthetician, they’ve experienced it all. And they're happy to share tips for pain.

You might feel inclined to have a few drinks prior to the waxing. Don’t. Between the fear of pain and feelings of timidness lay questions: Is waxing really worth It? 

Here' how you prepare:

-ensure your hair is trimmed (or grown) to a quarter inch, a perfect length for body waxing

-exfoliate 24 hours prior in a warm bath with a sugar or salt scrub—moving the scrub gently against the grain

-shower before the appointment

-don’t book the appointment around menstruation time

What to Expect with a Nooora Waxing?

When your esthetician arrives, you’re excitedly prepped and ready to go for your Brazilian or bikini line waxing. 

You’re elated when you meet the esthetician to learn that she is a true professional who aims to put you at ease. Our professionals do this for a living, therefore, you’ve got nothing to fear. 

Your concierge focuses only on performing the work with your comfort and satisfaction as top priorities. You’re surprised; the waxing process is quicker than you’d expect. 

Waxing After-Care    

Post-skin care on bikini waxed skin is important, just like pre-wax care. You want to follow post-wax protocols: 

Keep it cool so as not to cause friction for 1-2 days: 

  • take cool to lukewarm showers

  • watch for ingrown hairs

  • no harsh soaps or oily body washes

Service Duration Price (AED)
Bikini Line 30 68
Full Bikini/Brazilian 45 105

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Typically, your esthetician will perform a bikini wax using hard wax. The application of a hard wax, which adheres only to the hair, does not pull on the skin. Rather, the wax proves to be a gentle removal with little irritation of skin.
Not really. We at Nooora—with extensive experience performing bikini waxing services—do have teen clients, but most clients are women. When you notice that you need a soft longer lasting smoothness, you’ll find that waxing offers plenty of benefits, no matter your age or gender.
Most females tend to agree that pain associated with waxing falls in the 5 or 6 range. Because many women do prefer the smoothness of waxing, they are fine with tolerating the relatively short-lived pain.


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