Best Blow Dry Dubai

Blow Dry (Long Length)

AED 189.00

Blow Dry (Medium Length)

AED 158.00

Wavy or Curly Style

AED 53.00

If you want the best blow dry in Dubai, you’ve come to the right place. Why go to a  blow dry bar, when you can have a wash and blow dry in your own home? Get ready for work, or a party while still at home, instead of driving across Dubai to have a wash and blow dry. Dubai is a big city, so every time you save on traveling, you save time. This is one of the reasons we chose to start a mobile hair salon. Why waste time in traffic, when you could be spending time with your family, working, or doing something fun? 

Hair blow dry services we offer

We also offer updos, hair straightening, hair curling and so forth. You can add whatever styling touches you would like!

Blow Dry (Long Hair)

Blow Dry (Long Length)

AED 189.00

Blow Dry - Medium Hair

Blow Dry (Medium Length)

AED 158.00

Wavy or Curly Blow Dry

Wavy or Curly Style

AED 53.00

Why Nooora? Have Your Hair Professionally Blow Dried from the Comfort of Your Home

Blow dry bars have sprung up everywhere recently, but finding the time to visit one every time you want a blow dry. And with COVID it can feel unsafe. That’s why our stylists come to you to blow dry your hair and style it to perfection!

It’s about time you got some pampering, don’t you think?!

 - Styles to Choose From

While you might have another style you prefer, styles commonly asked for are:

a. Straight

b. Wavy (AED 50 extra)

c. Bouncy

d. Flicked ends (i.e. flicked in or out)

e. Beach waves

If you want your hair straightened or curled with a flat iron or curler, or styled in an updo or braid, there is an additional fee.

 - How to Prepare for a Professional Blow Dry

There are a few things you should and should not do before a blow dry!

a. Do wash your hair—or let us know that you want both a wash and a blow dry

b. Don’t put any oil on your hair

c. Don’t use any styling products on your hair after washing it

 - What to Expect from a Blow Dry

When we come to see you, we do a short consultation before blow drying your hair, to ensure you get the style you want. We use professional products to protect your hair from heat, as well as to style it.

We put safety first, meaning we sanitize all equipment and make sure to wear masks and sanitize our hands. Of course we also clean up after ourselves to ensure no hair is left behind after a styling session or haircut.

Service Duration Price (AED)
Blow Dry (Long Length) 35 189
Blow Dry (Medium Length) 35 158
Wavy or Curly Style 30 53

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Note : Prices are 5% VAT inclusive


On average, about 45 minutes in total. 

Use our website/WhatsApp to book, we may even have same day appointments available. However, to be sure to get an appointment, book as far ahead as possible. You can always change it if need be. 

While heat and therefore blow drys can cause hair breakage, we use great products to prevent it and we also make sure your hair doesn’t get too hot. Therefore, you can have blow drys two-to-three times per week if desired. If you have very frizzy hair, or curly hair and would like it to be straight, then rather than always blowdrying it, you can try having a Brazilian (keratin) hair treatment. 


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