Brow Lamination in Dubai

Brow Lamination

AED 189.00

Brow Tinting

AED 74.00

Brow lamination is your “Go-to” choice, offering beautiful shine and smooth, fuller-looking brows. The brow lamination targets thinning hairs, and rowdy unmanageable hairs that won’t stay in place.

Brow lamination also addresses gaps, unevenness, and/or any problems with shape. And it’s totally non-invasive! The results? Thicker and fuller, well-shaped brows are surprisingly unbelievable. You’ll see dramatic results by comparing before / after photos.

Move over, microblading— Of course we all desire to have full beautiful brows, but we can do without the needles, thank-you.

Best eyebrow lamination service

Get flawless glossy brows with our go-to brow lamination service. Say bye to thinning and unruly brows. Achieve fuller, well shaped brows without needles, just stunning results.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

AED 189.00

Brow Tinting

AED 74.00

Nooora Beauty Concierge Brow Lamination Service

Nooora professionals offer the best eyebrow laminating service wherever you are: at home, conference center, even at your hotel. 

Eyebrow lamination take an hour or less, and our optional add-ons can include

  • Waxing (helping create the arch you desire)

  • Tinting (change or enhance your color)

  • Tweezing (excess hairs)

You’ll love your look!

The Process of Brow Lamination

To bend brow hairs, a chemical solution is applied, with the goal of achieving flexibility. Hairs are lifted and shaped, and gaps magically disappear. Stray hairs simply yield to the aesthetician’s movements. 

A fixing solution is applied to keep the hairs in place. Laminated brows now comply for a good 4-6 weeks to your gentle brushing each day.

What is Brow Tinting & Its Process?

Brow tinting services are a-La-carte or as an add-on to brow lamination.  Eyebrow tinting covers gray or white hairs on the brow, transforming brows into the desired thicker/fuller youthful frame for eyes. 

This age-busting treatment produces a natural—filled in—look, lasting for approximately 4 - 6 weeks.

What is the Difference Between Eyebrow Tinting vs Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow tinting is a process of adding color to the brows. A darker color tends to frame the eyes, making eyes appear brighter.

Lamination, in contrast, works to better define the brows. Brow lamination shapes brows for a distinct, fuller, feathered appearance.

Aftercare for Eyebrow Lamination

It is important not to touch the laminated brows, and to keep them dry for the first 24 hours. After that, you may apply a daily dose of moisturizing cream or oil to keep laminated eyebrows healthy.

Service Duration Price (AED)
Brow Lamination 30 189
Brow Tinting 30 74

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Eyebrow tinting is a relatively safe procedure when performed by a certified professional. Your Nooora esthetician will ask about allergies and skin sensitivities as a precaution, however, just to be cautious. Brow tinting can cause burning, irritation, allergic reaction or infection. Be certain to check ingredients, especially for sensitive skin. A small patch test on your body helps and wash away uncertainty and fear.

Look online for before/after pictures. Brows frame the eyes, but brow lamination and/or tinting also defines your bone structure. You’ll find tons of examples and possibilities.

You might be a blond or, you’re surprised to see some light-colored hairs emerging lately. No problem! Blonds may want to just go a just a couple shades darker. For stray light or white hairs, ask your beauty professional or your best friend for brow/eyelash tint tips!

No, never. Your friend dodged a bullet if she didn’t experience problems. Lash tinting is a precise science that requires professional certification. Our estheticians would never attempt to tint their own lashes. Trust the pros.

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