While we all love our natural hair color, we have all at one point in our lives fantasized about getting another hair color. However, while going to a salon for professional hair coloring is a great idea, trying to do-it-yourself is as rewarding as getting a hand on it; you get to spend less, and also improve your hair-dying skill. Hair coloring only requires basic science, timing, proportion, and familiarity. It is nothing you can’t do on your own. This is why we have put together important tips for successful hair coloring.

Prep Yourself

A basic home preparation tip can give you the colors you desire. You can have an all-blonde hair color, red hair color, or two-color hair. Whichever hair color you desire, there are basic ways you can prepare yourself. However, one rule is constant, you need to strictly follow the given instructions mentioned on the dye pack for proper application. Failure to do this is the reason many women have emergency re-fix at an expensive price. While you read the dye box for instructions, we have some additional tips on how to have a professional hair color at home.

Apply the barrier cream

Hair dye solutions are made with chemicals that can cause irritation or reactions on the bare skin. This is why you apply a barrier cream on your hand – even if you wear a glove – and on the skin around your hair that is prone to get irritated by the dye.

Divide Your Hair

Before you apply the dye solution, you need to divide your hair into four equal parts. Applying without dividing your hair can cause a disaster. You may end up leaving a chuck of your hair undyed. However, dividing your hair prevents lots of lapses that could occur during dye application.

Removes Ingrown Growth

Ingrown hair is quite inevitable when you shave your body hair. Another disadvantage is that hair grows quite faster when you shave. However, with professional waxing, hair removal is done to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hair. Bikini waxing removes hair from the root, hence, hair growth becomes slower and ingrown hair disappears. However, if after waxing, you are prone to ingrown hair, you could try moisturizing two days after waxing. It is also advisable to scrub your skin well before your waxing session to have smooth & easy in grown removal.

Apply Your Preferred Dye (Start from the Bottom)

Start applying the dye solution to your hair. Pick each hair simultaneously, and as divided. Also, start from the bottom of your hair before you get to the tip to ensure that no part of the hair is undone. Since you are doing it yourself, you should get two mirrors to help you see the back of your head.

Leave the Solution for some minutes

Now that you have successfully applied the dye solution, you need to leave it on your hair for some minutes – about fifteen to twenty minutes. You can cover your hair with a plastic bag for a more effective result. However, it is important to make sure that the solution does not exceed the appropriate time before you rinse and dry it. If it does, you might be risking hair burn or scalp infection.

Rinse and Dry (color-safe shampoo)

Once the specified minutes have lapsed, the next thing is to wash your hair with shampoo. However, some shampoos could wash off the dye you just applied. You should then go for a color-safe shampoo or a color-boosting shampoo. These recommended shampoos help to retain and boost hair color. Once you have washed and rinsed it with clean water, you should blow-dry it and move to the next tip – style to your preference.

Style to your preference

Now that you have your preferred hair color, comb your hair carefully and style it to your preferred style. However, you should avoid holding your hair with a tight rubber as it could start to break off. This is because your hair is most delicate with the new dye chemical.

Add color-boosting gloss

Now that your preferred hair color is done, color-boosting gloss is necessary to keep the hair color shining for as long as you want. Color boosting gloss can be applied every day to avoid color fading, and to also add color tones and pigment to the hair. Color-boosting gloss gives shining hair that reflects where there is light.

Average Pricing

Hair coloring goes for an average price of $50 and $70 at any regular salon around. However, hair dying may go for amounts as high as $100 to $150 if done in a premium salon. It may also cost more if other attractions are given in the salon. However, if you are taking the risk to have an at-home coloring, you will get a regular hair color kit from $5 to $40.


Home hair coloring could turn out a disaster if not done properly. It is then important that you follow the written directions on the dye box and the tips above while applying the dye to your hair. However, it takes gradual and consistent practice to be an expert in personal hair coloring. If you need more time before you can have a do-it-yourself hair coloring, you might as well patronize a professional salon for the topmost hair coloring experience.

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