We had a look around the net to see what colors people are using this summer. Turns out, it’s varied. There is no ONE color trend that’s the end of, be all. However, corals, peaches and pinks, as well as turquoise seem to pop up everywhere.

So let’s have a look at the brands we work with—OPI and Essie—and some colors we think are perfect for summer 2020.

Think Pink

You can never go wrong with a bright pink! Especially not during hot summer months. Its vibrant warmth will put a smile on your face and perfectly match all the blossoming flowers surrounding you.

Essie No Shade Here

This is a vivid hot pink nail polish with yellow undertones; giving it a warm glow.

OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia

This glittering delight has more blue in it, making it a little bit cooler. And as the name implies: flashier. Try this in your next manicure at home session.


Coral is a classic shade and does well in the warmth glow of summer. Being a soft color, it’s discreet but also warm.

Essie Coral Coast

Subtle, yet shimmering, this is a classic and elegant shade of nail polish. And the name alone—Coral Coast—is as summery as can be.

OPI I’ll Have a Gin and Tectonic

This nail polish is said to “glow beneath the surface” just like a real coral reef! It’s definitively a color that’s both sophisticated and cute. Not to mention—heartwarming. Who can resist coral?



You need the color of the ocean in summer, don’t you? And while popping colors like turquoise might look out of place in winter, they certainly don’t in summer. Pair it with something neutral from your wardrobe to tone it down, or go wild matching it with other vivid colors.

Essie In the Cab-ana

Turquoise waters—can it be more summery? Their description, “self-assured aqua azure” is also rather charming, don’t you think?

OPI Teal the Cows Come Home

If you want a bit more glitter in those turquoise waves, then Teal the Cows Come Home is the perfect choice.



If you think there’s enough color to summer as is, then try nude shades for you nail polish. Classy and sophisticated, they go with everything!

Essie Lighten the Mood

While something nude works in winter too, in summer when you are already enjoying the warm colors of blossoms and sunshine, you don’t need more color to wake you up. Or cheer you up. Hence, something white is cheerful, rather than icy. So the name for this nail polish certainly does ring true in summer. And, perhaps, it sparkles just enough in winter time to make it interesting then too!

OPI Samoan Sand

What’s more fitting for summer than sand? Beaches. Deserts. Sand castles.


While each season has various color themes that are in fashion, nails are a bit less affected by those trends. However, the colors we named in here are definitively both trendy and recommended by stylists across the world! But if you prefer a classic red nail polish there’s no one stopping you.

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