Lash lift have a lot of advantages. From the all-natural feeling to the relatively quick and easy process, one can only wish that lash lifts were permanent, but they are not.

Your last lifts should last for about four to six weeks. So, from the time you finish getting your lifts done, there are things you can do to make sure they reach the expected duration.

Here, you will learn the aftercare tips that will help you maximize lash lift. And even if your natural eyelash growth cycle can affect the longevity of lash lifting, there are still things you can do at different intervals to maintain your Keratin lash lift.

Lash lift before & after
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Maintenance tips for the first 48 hours

After you get your lash lift done, the actions you take in the next 24 to 48 hours are very important to how long the results will last. Start by avoiding any contact with water for at least two hours after your lash lifting.

Also, avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, no matter how much you are tempted to. This will help prolong the lifespan of your new lash lift.

For daily beauty routines like cleansing and makeup, you need to make adjustments throughout the first 48 hours. When you cleanse, do not go near your eyes. And as for makeup, it is better to just stay off it for 48 hours. This will allow the lash lift to set.

To further protect your lash lift, follow the recommendation of renowned plastic surgeon Alexis Parcells and “ask for a cleansing brush to keep the area free of irritants and dust.”

Your new lash lifts do not need steam, so you may want to avoid steam baths and hot water at this early stage after the treatment. If you must use hot water or a steam bath, make sure it does not get near your eyes.

When you go to sleep, make sure you face up or any of the sides. Do not sleep on your face, as this will mess up the lash lift.

The only reason you should apply anything to your eyes is if you feel any irritation or redness. A damp cotton compress will suffice in this case.

Maintenance tips after 48 hours

After two days, you can keep your eyes clean and also wear makeup, but don’t use any products that will damage your lash lift.

Multiple facial care products, conditioning treatments, and oil-based products are not good for your lash lifts. So you have to ensure that they don’t get into your eyes if you must use them.

After a lash lift, you won’t need mascara. But if you really want to use it, avoid the models that are waterproof. Just use the regular ones, and it should only be in small quantities.

As you avoid harsh products, focus on the way you brush your eyelashes. If you do this right, your lashes will not get tangled and they are going to remain fluffy. It is okay to use your regular mascara wand, but it is better to use a lash brush.

Maintaining keratin lash lifts

It is true that keratin lash lifts take longer than regular lifts, but the results also last longer.

You can rock your keratin lash lift for an average period of 7 – 9 weeks. But it can last longer if you get the services of an expert. In this regard, Nooora stands out as the best place in town to get your beautiful lash lifts done.

These tips will help you maintain the good work done on your eyelashes:

  • Do some exercises that will make you sweat before you go for a keratin lash lift appointment. This will reduce the sweating around your eyes when you are done.
  • Avoid getting your face wet for 12 hours after getting your keratin lash lift.
  • After 48 hours, start washing your eyes daily to remove dead cells.
  • Keep your keratin lash lift hydrated with keratin conditioning serum. This will ensure that your eyes maintain that fresh look of lash dampness that comes with a keratin lift.

You can also use a clear mascara for this instead of a serum. You may have this lash lift for about 3 months, so coat it daily to maintain length and moisture.


Always follow the instructions and advice of your specialist. From their experience with your eyelashes, they can give you advice unique to your situation.

Also, develop the habit of never touching your eyes. This is quite basic, but it is very important. If you can master how to keep your hands off your eyelashes, your lash lifts will last longer.


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