If you want to eliminate frizz and boost shine, then keratin and botox hair treatments will become your new best friends at the hair salon.

What exactly do these hair treatments do though? And what’s the difference between a keratin hair treatment and a botox hair treatment?

What’s the Difference Between Botox and Keratin Hair Treatments?

Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment coating hair fibres with a filler, therefore repairing damaged or dry hair, leaving it smooth and frizz free. A keratin treatment, or Brazilian blow-dry, is a chemical smoothing process, which straightens your hair—also leaving it glossy and frizz free.

Read on to find out a more about what these treatments entail and which hair treatment is best for you.

Hair Botox—What Is It?

Hair botox has nothing to do with facial botox.

Facial botox is an injection containing botulinum toxin, which will have the effect of your skin looking smoother and less wrinkled as it relaxes your muscles.

Hair botox, on the other hand, contains a filler, such as keratin, that coats the fibres in your hair, thus repairing damaged hair by “filling the gaps.”

Hair botox also contains collagen, and, usually, some form of peptide, vitamins and, low and behold, caviar oil!

Hair botox is applied like a regular deep conditioning treatment and left in your hair for quite some time.

Remove that frizz and dryness!

Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blow Dry—What Is It?

2/3 of human hair is made up of keratin, which has led to keratin getting the nickname “liquid hair.” However, when applied as a hair treatment, keratin is combined with other ingredients and chemicals, to ensure your hair turns straight, smooth and glossy.

To activate this treatment, you need to straighten the hair while the chemicals is still in it.

What Hair Types Are These Treatments for?

Keratin treatments, or Brazilian blow drys, are for people with thick, curly, hair who want it straightened, smooth and frizz free.

Botox hair treatments are for people with dry, damaged, frizzy or simply listless hair, who want to make it look smooth, glossy and frizz free.

If you regularly dye your hair, get perms, or straighten it often, botox treatments may not be for you. Ask your hairdresser. Otherwise, as a general rule, botox works for any kind of hair.

How Long Do the Treatments Last?

It varies depending on your hair and what hair products you use. As a general rule, a botox hair treatment lasts 1-4 months, while keratin treatments last 1.5-6 months.

Aftercare for Botox and Keratin Treatments

With both botox and keratin treatments, you should avoid products containing sulphates. With keratin treatments, this is absolutely essential.

After a keratin treatment, you cannot wash your hair for three days.

Are There Any Side Effects?

In short, if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, then you cannot use these treatments. However, chances of being allergic to anything in a botox treatment is minimal. Keratin treatments, on the other hand have been known to cause irritation even thought they are hugely popular all around the globe.

Some keratin treatments come without formaldehyde, which is the chemical that’s generally causing the most problems for people. It can also be dangerous if used too often, or used inappropriately in any way. Ask your hairdresser for formaldehyde free options.

You should not use keratin treatments too often, as it can cause damage to your hair. As the story goes: a little bit is good, a lot is bad! Botox treatments, on the other hand, can be used as you wish and even if you have psoriasis or dandruff

Pregnant women and children under twelve are not supposed to have keratin treatments, while botox treatments are supposed to be perfectly fine, both for pregnant women and children. However, if you are pregnant, always read the label. If there are any chemicals in there, don’t use it. And to be on the safe side—always consult a doctor. Just be sure to mention it’s hair botox, not botox for your skin!

In Closing

As a general rule, botox treatments are super safe hair treatments that will help to rejuvenate your hair and make it look fabulous—removing the frizz and making it look glossy. They are great for any hair type, but if you’ve used dyes or perms, consult a hairdresser before trying them.

Keratin treatments, or Brazilian blow drys, on the other hand, contain chemicals that enable you to straighten curly hair and make it glossy and frizz free. These treatments are great for your hair, if you have thick hair and you use them in moderation.

Both treatments, when done right, will leave your hair looking fantastic for weeks, or even months, to come. It will help you if you don’t fancy straightening, or blow drying, your hair every day.

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