When it comes to a manicure that is simple and elegant at the same time, French nails are the most requested. The natural-looking nail root and an accustomed white tip have earned lots of popularity in the past century. Also, we cannot overemphasize the role of fashion shows and celebrity trends in making French nails a popular manicure.

While there is no precise year or date the manicure came into a fashion trend, it became accepted in the 19th century. Its popularity hit the world when it became common among American women. However, as time goes on, the style never grows old, instead, several ways of designing French nails come up.

What are French Nails

French nails are the next big deal in fashion. World. However, many wonder what makes it special and why it is special from the regular manicure.

A French manicure has a pale natural color base and a white tip. It can be done with both natural nails and acrylic nails. However, while the original French nails could have a shorter, rectangular tip, individual preferences may differ in shape and length.

Why do they call it French nails?


The manicure wasn’t called French nails until the 1970s when it became popular in the United States. The “French” attachment came from the fact that the natural base, white tip combination was made popular in the 1930s by the French fashion pack. It was from the French Fashion Pack that Jeff Pink, the founder of the nail polish brand, invented the term French manicure. Years later, Jeff Pink made sure that French nails became well distributed to French runway models, hence, skyrocketing demand.

What does a French Manicure Include?

french manicure by nooora's nail technician
Elegant French Manicure by Nooora’s Nail Technician

French Manicure only gets easier. A popular prep for a French manicure is getting the nails trimmed, cleaned, and shaped before applying the base polish. To get a perfect and straight demarcation for the tip polish, a nail strip will be needed. Many manicurists prefer to use a gel polish, which could take longer as you have to Dry each stage of the polish under a UV lamp. This process applies to either an acrylic nail/artificial nail, or natural nail. However, when fixing an acrylic nail, the white tip ones along with it might not need to be painted but you may put a shining coat or any decoration that you deem fit.

Difference Between a Normal Manicure and French Nails?

The French manicure and the regular manicure are vividly different from each other. While they can both be done with natural nails or acrylic nails, they have different results. The French nails come with a natural-looking Sheer nude or light pink base and crescent or smiley-shaped tips in white.  The normal manicure often doesn’t come with tips and is shaped in any preferred form.

Different Styles of French Nails

French nails along with nail art

Over the decades, French nails have evolved from the constant pink-base-white-tip it identifies with. Manicurists and artists have given French nails some sort of modern style. However, it retains the base-tip identification. If you want something outside of the classic French nail colors and design, below are a few French nail styles you can try out.

  • Flowered French Nails

    On a flowered French nail, the natural pink base still gets retained but the tip is given a blooming floral design, either with different colors or a single color.

  • Multicolored Minimalist

    The multicolored minimalist can be achieved either from the base or from the tip. You can have a natural color base and colorful tips – each tip is painted in different colors. You can also have the tip colored in regular white while the base is painted with different colors.

  • Pattern Mixing

    The pattern mixing French nails has a different patterned design at the tip of each nail while the pink base still gets retained. In some cases, the pattern extends a little lower to the nails.

  • Double up

    The double-up nail is a double-tip design. Instead of the single white tip at the regular tip, double up and give the nail a tiny tip (often White) and a wider tip, often painted in another color.

  • Peachy Pink

    The French peachy pink is a combination of the basic pink base and the peach color paint at the tip. The peach color complements the pink and it brings out a unique look.

  • Flame Tips

    The flame tips are achieved when the tip nail paint overlaps with the root nail in a flame-like design. The flame tip can be in any color.

Average Pricing

You might be wondering how much money you will need for a professional French manicure. While there is no fixed cost for a French manicure, the price ranges from AED 100 – AED 150. The gap in the average pricing is because prices are dependent on the salon, the manicure process, and other side services rendered by the salon.


While French nails look so simple to achieve – simple colors and colored tips. The straight line needed to achieve a perfect tip shows that you need an expert for the job. However, you can go ahead to go beyond the normal and make unique designs.

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