Waxing used for hair removal has been the oldest method and trusted of all times. The best thing about doing waxing regularly is that it reduces hair and it becomes easier to do. As the time evolves there are many different types of wax options available to suit each and every person requirement. Ranging from Soft wax, Hard wax, Fruit wax, Chocolate wax, Sugar wax etc. Hard wax and soft wax are one of the most popular methods of hair removal because they both give you a smoother skin, and slower hair regrowth. The choice of either hard wax or soft wax could depend on the process of hair removal you want. Both waxing methods dutifully remove hair follicles from the surface of the skin but they have totally different methods of doing so. While soft wax demands that the wax strips are removed from the surface of the skin, hard wax allows you to let the wax substance dry and harden until it breaks off on its own. Both hard wax and soft wax have several unique benefits and they also have different ways of application. It is in this regard that this article was written to explicitly state the differences and benefits between soft waxing and hard waxing.

What is Hard Waxing

Unlike soft waxing, hard waxing does not need to be removed by using strips. Once it hardens it can be peeled off with your hands. This makes the process less painful. The wax substance breaks
off when it stays long on the surface of the skin, allowing you to be able to grab it by the edges and remove it with the hair. Hard wax is thicker than soft wax and when hard wax cools, it
hardens more, thereby, pulling the hair follicle underneath it as it dries. This method is considered less painful compared to soft waxing. Hard wax is recommended when you want to remove coarse hair or hair from sensitive body parts such as bikini lines, full brazilian or face waxing. But the hard wax cannot be used on the whole body as it might not be effective on larger areas.

What is Soft Waxing

Soft waxing is one of the do-at-home hair removal methods we have around. Also, it is the most convenient way to remove hair from larger areas of the body. It is often used to clean up areas
that still have visible hair after other forms of hair removal such as the visible hair outside thy panties line. While you can have a do-it-yourself at home, you can not be too careful when it comes to using soft waxing on sensitive parts of the body. It is then advisable that you get the soft waxing done by professionals alone. Compared to hard waxing, soft waxing is quite more
painful because unlike the hard wax that is allowed to break off, soft wax requires that the wax is stripped off and the hair comes off with the strip. Thus, it may lead to skin irritation, which is why soft waxing is not ideal for sensitive body parts. Instead, use soft wax on large areas like the back, the arms, thighs and legs. The soft wax is quite watery than the hard wax. When the solution is hardened on the skin, the strips are pulled off at once, then, the hair underneath will come off with it. However, you shouldn’t make soft wax on a body part more than once because the second strip can cause damage to your skin.

What is the differences between Hard Waxing and Soft Waxing

Hard wax and soft wax are totally different. While you may decide to stick with one method of waxing, you need to expand your knowledge on both waxing methods and use them interchangeably. This can only be done if you know the different methods and benefits of both waxing methods. Below is a table that explicitly states the difference between the two methods of waxing.

Comparison Table

Conditions for Hard Waxing Conditions for Soft Waxing
It uses a more gentle approach on the skin and it is mostly ideal for areas like the pubic area and the face. Soft wax is used on body parts that are less sensitive to pain. Areas like the back, thigh, legs and arms ideal to have soft waxing.
Hair is removed when the wax is dried up and breaks off on its own. A cloth strip or material strip are used for the hair removal process.
It is less painful. Tolerable pain, especially if done on sensitive areas.
It only leaves a few residues after the break off and the residues are removed over time. This method may bring skin irritation and damage if not done properly.
Due to the residue remnant, removing them totally can be time consuming and daunting. There are no remnants after removal. C

Misconception about Soft Waxing

Over time, there have been several misconceptions about soft waxing which makes people stay away from it. However, these misconceptions are often not true and they only cause unnecessary fear in the mind of clients. Below are a few.

  • Soft waxing causes hair ingrowns.
  • Soft waxing does the same work as exfoliation. This is a great misconception about soft waxing. While it is true that soft waxing removes dead skin, it does not do the same work as exfoliation.
  • Waxed areas are messy: This great misconception can only be true when you refuse to have your waxing done by professionals.
  • Soft waxing may come off with your skin: This is another false take about soft waxing. While it is true that soft waxing is removed by strips that can hurt your skin a little, it does not rip your skin off with it. To avoid ripped skin, avoid getting a soft waxing repeated on the same surface.
  • Soft waxing only makes hair grow back faster and longer: This take on soft waxing is quite false as soft waxing is the best method to have a slow hair regrowth.

Misconception about Hard Waxing

  • Hard waxing causes faster skin wrinkling: Hard waxing method has nothing to do with wrinkles on the skin.
  • You can’t have a hard waxing on shorter hair.
  • Hard waxing is not ideal on periods.
  • Pregnant women should avoid hard waxing.

Average Pricing of Soft Waxing

Soft waxing is a typical do-it-yourself method of waxing. However, it needs to be carefully done. If you want to have an easy do-it-yourself waxing, a soft waxing kit costs about $25-$100.
However, salon and spa may cost a little higher. Soft waxing is charged in regards to the body parts that need waxing. For the leg area – the ankle, knee and thigh and bikini zone may cost
around $30-$100.

Average Pricing of Hard Waxing

Hard waxing is priced based on several factors such as; the areas waxed, the types of wax used, the skin preparation, the location and the expertise of the salon. However, hard waxing costs
from $20-$100. Due to the messy result that hard waxing can bring, it is advisable to avoid a doit-yourself kit if you are not a professional.


Both hard wax and soft wax are ideal to be used at home. While hard wax is less painful, it is best for sensitive areas because it causes little or no irritation. Soft waxing on the other hand is suitable for hard surface skin because it is painful and could cause irritation on sensitive skin. If this is the first time you are getting either of the waxing, you should get it done by professionals alone.

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