When COVID hit, most people thought lockdowns would be short and life would go back to normal pretty soon. They were wrong. COVID changed the way we do things forever as we discovered new ways that were better. Working from home some days a week became the new norm. And people discovered the beauty of home service salons.

Why Salons Offering Home Services Are Safer

When trying to prevent the spread of a virus, mingling with several people in a closed environment isn’t recommended. At a salon, even though everyone may be required to wear masks, it’s impossible to ensure they don’t slip at times. While the staff will be trained in health and safety, customers won’t.

With home service salons a trained beautician, hairdresser, massage therapist (or whatever trained professional it may be), comes to you. You only see the one person. And that person is wearing full protection gear, including clothing that has been changed since seeing their last client. All their tools have further been sterilized. What’s more, they aren’t using public transport, nor do they work in big offices where they are exposed to the virus.

Salon staff also check their temperature throughout the day and go for regular testing. With rapid testing becoming more and more available, some salons test their staff every morning before they head out to see their clients.

Your exposure to the virus seeing only the one professional—one in full protective gear at that—is therefore greatly minimized.

Won’t the Staff Get COVID?

Anyone working for a home service beauty salon is taking a risk, but as they wear protection gear, they are safer than most. What’s more, they don’t work in a large office where they are exposed to a lot of people. Nor do they use public transport. When they are with clients they are always wearing their protective gear. As a result, they are actually less exposed than most.

As staff check their temperature and partake in regular COVID testing, they also ensure that there’s early detection. At Nooora we care about both our staff and our clients, so our staff has been trained in COVID protocol and take every precaution to ensure everyone stays safe.

Why We Still Love Salons

It’s not a surprise that going to a salon to have your hair or make-up done isn’t your first priority during a pandemic. However, for those who might have a problem with their hands, doing their own hair might not be an option. And if you have a sore back, having a massage becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

During lockdown, many people also realized just how important self-care really is. Living in a pajamas is fun for about a week, then you start to feel uninspired and even ugly. When we don’t take time out to look after ourselves, we start feeling bad about ourselves.

Many people realized that far from unimportant, pampering helps us feel good about ourselves. At Nooora we love how clients feel by the time they finish a session with us. Whether they’ve had a massage, or got a new hairstyle, they practically glow with happiness. That’s what makes work worth it!

Why Home Service Salons Are Here to Stay

Just as people discovered that working from home a couple of days a week can improve their lives, they discovered that some home services are better. With home service salons you don’t have to waste time in traffic. Instead, you can have the services performed in your home, or office. This saves time and often improves relaxation as there’s no running about. And if you feel like mingling with friends while having your hair or nails done, you can always invite them over and have them do their hair and nails at the same time!

Want to get pampered? Book an appointment with Nooora and have a trained beautician, hairdresser, or massage therapist come to your home or office. Save time and get pampered!

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