Bikini waxing is a long-age practice among women to keep a clean-shaven body. People get bikini waxing for so many reasons, such as: to maintain great hygiene, and for beautiful aesthetics. Most importantly, bikini waxing is mainly preferred because getting razors on your skin might cause several unpleasant cuts.  However, bikini waxing is mostly requested to remove stubborn hair that can’t be covered by the bikini. If you want to walk around the beach or pool with the greatest confidence ever, you should read this article before booking that appointment.

Why do you need Bikini Waxing

Basically, we all grew up learning to shave our body hair with all sorts of razors. However, waxing has come to replace the long glory of shaving and it has come with lots of benefits. They include:

  • Quicker to achieve.
  • Affordable.
  • Safe hair removal.
  • Slower hair regrowth.
  • Less prone to skin infections.

There are lots of reasons why you should get a bikini waxing and they are duly explained below.

Lasting, Hair-free Result

Getting yourself shaved every three days can be a daunting task. Bikini waxing means that you are not getting quick hair growth for a long time. Shaving cuts hair from the surface and a few hairs are already popping out in a few days, while waxing removes hair from the core, and hair won’t surface for weeks. Bikini waxing gives you smooth bare skin for up to three weeks.

Faster Hair Removal and Minimal Irritation

Many people get several reactions from shaving. This could be irritation, itching, and uncontrolled burns. However, waxing ensures that your hair removal is done at once and you don’t have to suffer from any irritation, especially itching and burning as your skin remains bare. You won’t also suffer from reactions from shaving products or blade cuts.

Removes Ingrown Growth

Ingrown hair is quite inevitable when you shave your body hair. Another disadvantage is that hair grows quite faster when you shave. However, with professional waxing, hair removal is done to reduce the chances of getting ingrown hair. Bikini waxing removes hair from the root, hence, hair growth becomes slower and ingrown hair disappears. However, if after waxing, you are prone to ingrown hair, you could try moisturizing two days after waxing. It is also advisable to scrub your skin well before your waxing session to have smooth & easy in grown removal.

How Hygenic is Bikini Waxing?

Bikini Waxing follows a careful, hygienic process. However, remaining hygienic after waxing is a great deal you should consider. Below are a few things you should avoid after bikini waxing to ensure a more healthy experience.

Sex After Waxing

Resist having sex immediately after getting a bikini waxing for the next two days. Intense body contact could cause irritations that are not in any way hygienic.

Avoid Bathing After Bikini Waxing

Bathing immediately after Bikini waxing can cause skin sensitivity to increase. Beaches, pools, or bathing tubs can have temperatures that are not healthy for your waxed skin. Also, bathing in unclean water or chemical-based water after waxing can put you at risk of getting infected by the chemicals. You can sacrifice bathing for a few days instead of risking any severe infection or irritation

Avoid an Intense Workout

While workouts seem to be harmless to your skin, sweats during workouts can cause severe irritation to the waxed areas. Also, because of the salt concentration in sweat, you could be prone to infection.

Avoid Lotions and Artificial Fragrances after Bikini Waxing

After waxing, the skin is very exposed and vulnerable. This is why lotions and Artificial scents with any content of alcohol or any skin reaction chemicals should be avoided totally. While there is no specific element in lotions or perfumes that causes reactions after waxing, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid tight clothes.

Friction is a major cause of irritation and reaction after bikini waxing. It is then important to avoid clothes and materials that can cause excessive sweating. Tight-fitting clothes should not be worn after waxing. Your skin needs to breathe and heal from the racing process. If possible, wear loose clothes and no underwear till you can feel that your skin is in great shape.

Average Pricing

Bikini waxing from an expert could cost a little over or below $35-$50. However, you may experience higher or lesser prices depending on how professional the salon is and other side attractions offered at the place.


You can have a clean bare hair removal without being worried about beverage itching or irritation that comes with blade shaving. While it is not advisable to have a do-it-yourself section, you should make sure your waxing is done by professionals alone.

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