It’s amazing how much your nails can say about you and your health. Their strength and how they look can tell how how well you are feeding or how much care you give to them. Often time we seek to have strong healthy nails but achieving this seems like much work. However, having a slight change in what we do and how we care for our nails can greatly improve the strength and health of our nails. Before we go on, it should be noted that there are nail treatment service in Dubai available at the snap of your fingers but if wondering how to go about doing self-care for your nails? Here are some tips to help out.

Be Careful with your nails:

While you might have seen this coming, one cannot be emphasize more on this. Like your hair or other things that compose of your body, you must be careful how you treat your nails. Rubbing it over rough surface, or attempting to clean underneath your nails with iron are dangerous to the health of your nails. It could result to your nails being detached from your skin thereby causing arch nail tip while giving it’s appearance irregular white.

Health over Length:

While long nails can also be maintained in an healthy manner, you should always prioritize the health of your nails over the length. Always make time for clipping your nails every once in a while. Also, avoid boards that are too rough as it can cause cracks or breakage to your nails. Another way to avoid breakage is to file your nail in one direction.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the easiest things to do to have and maintain healthy nails. As whatever thing we take affects our nails, drinking enough water can prevent your nails from been brittle while making it stronger against against breakage and easy peeling.

Balanced Diet:

Similar to the above point, your nails can show how healthy you are so you might want to consider taking meals that contain lots of minerals and vitamins especially food that has Botin that is known to aid your nails, hair and immune system. Also on-demand beauty salons that offer nails at home services in Dubai can give you the right meal plan for this.

Don’t Overuse hand Sanitizer:

We get it! Hand sanitizers are good, it keeps our hands clean anytime we touch something suspicious. But as nice as this is, the alcohol contained in hand sanitizer is dries out your hands and nails making your nails susceptible to breakage.

Do not cut your Cuticles:

Cuticles are the layers of protection between your nails and fingers. Cutting them off is exposing your nails to bacteria that can cause infection. Instead of cutting it, it’s highly advised to use cuticle oil to moisturize it and you cam gently push it back with this.

Keep your Hands and nails Hydrated:

It’s way better to keep your hands and nails moisturized anytime they seem dry. This will strengthen your nails while at the same time preventing it from breaking. It’s best to use castor oil or Olive oil if you are not a big fan of petroleum jelly as they contain vitamin E which is known for it’s ability to boose cuticle.

Know the Products before Applying:

It’s quite disheartening that most of the nail polishes and treatments out there contain chemicals that are harmful to the health of your nails. They can weaken and also cause abnormal coloration on your nails which is why you should avoid such products especially products that contain acetone. Also if you apply gel on your nails, make sure it’s removed by professionals in order to avoid damaging your nails. Not just this, when trying to keep healthy nails, don’t have them come in contact with strong anti-bacteria soaps and bleach.

Keep the Gloves On:

To he factual, it’s near impossible to avoid touching stuffs that might be harmful to our nails every once in a while. However, it doesn’t mean we should sacrifice the health of our nails to this which is why having gloves on anytime you are dealing with such products is highly recommended. That way, you get to keep your nails sparkling, neat and healthy while missing absolutely nothing.

Treat Yourself to a Manicure once in a while:

You saw this coming, right? Well, that is us being factual. We can’t always get the right way to take care of our nails ourselves hence the need to allow professionals to work on them every once in a while. Aside from this, nail technicians have the right set of tools and are experienced on how to prevent peeling, breakage, rough edges and they can also give prescriptions on how better to take care of your nails. Too lazy to go for a manicure? There are professional nail salons that can you give you manicure at home in Dubai and are ready to provide impeccable nail home service.

The above tips when strictly followed can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your nails. Also, if you are looking for, an on-demand beauty salon that offers state-of-the-art nail treatment and manicure in Dubai, we at Nooora are equipped and experience in giving the best nail experience.

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