If you don’t want take time every day to curl your lashes, or apply mascara, eyelash extensions are a great way to go. Not only do they make your lashes longer, but lash extensions also make your eyelashes fuller and perfectly shaped. It’s the ultimate trick to waking up and looking great!

How do you make your fake lashes, or eyelash extensions, last as long as possible though? There are actually quite a few dos and don’ts to ensure your eyelash extensions last as long as possible!

Sleep On Your Back

When you first get the extensions, try sleeping on your back for a night or two. Otherwise, as you toss and turn you might knock the lashes with your pillow, which can lead to tangled lashes. This is because the glue still needs to dry properly.

Avoid Water and Oil for the First 24-hours

Just like it’s a good idea to sleep on your back for a day or two, it’s important to avoid hot baths, saunas, steams, creams, oils and anything else that might affect the lashes in the first 24-hours. This includes anything damp or oily, so when washing your face avoid your eyes. Likewise when putting on moisturizer, avoid the eyes. And if there’s a downpour outside—stay inside!

Brush Them Out

To avoid tangled lashes, use a spoolie wand to brush them out daily. When you brush one side out, just close the eye, put the spoolie wand on top of your eyelashes and gently roll the lashes upward to ensure they keep their shape.

Don’t Use Oil on Your Eyelash Extensions

As a general rule, oil breaks down the glue that keeps your eyelash extensions glued to your regular lashes. Therefore, stay away from any oil based products around the eyes.

Don’t Curl Your Lashes or Apply Mascara

Any strain put on your lashes, will shorten the time the lashes will last. So avoid putting on mascara (it’s not needed), or trying to curl your lashes—all you need is the above mentioned spoolie wand to shape your lashes!

Of course, if you want to use a water based mascara once or twice, it’s fine. Just try to avoid it in general!

Avoid Cotton

Cotton fibers can get stuck in your lashes, so when removing makeup from your eyelids, take care only to use cleansing wipes, or towels of some kind. In short, don’t use cotton balls, or cotton swabs, as they can get tangled in your lashes.

Don’t Rub Your Eyelashes

If you want to rub your eyes, rub around the lashes, as opposed to on top of them, if possible. Also, don’t pull your lashes, or play with them, as it might make them fall off faster (you will naturally shed lashes every day anyway :).

See a Trained Professional If Your Eyes Get Red or Itchy


Your eyes should not get red or itchy after getting a set of fake eyelashes. If they do, immediately call your eyelash technician and have them removed. While this is extremely unlikely to happen, you must call instantly to have them removed if it’s the case. If it happens, it’s because you are allergic to something in the adhesive.

Get a Refill

To ensure your lashes stay happy and healthy, see a professional regularly for refills as well. It’s cheaper to get a refill, than to get a new full set of lashes. And the better you care for your lashes, the less often you will need a refill!

A professional will also be able to advice you when it’s time for a break from eyelash extensions. No matter how fine the hair that is applied, it creates extra weight for your lashes to carry. Therefore, they become brittle over time if you do not take a break.

Sum Up—How to Care for Your Eyelash Extensions

The best way to care for eyelash extensions:

  • Strictly avoid moisture and oil for the first 24-hours.
  • For the first 24-48 hours, try not to move around your eyelashes, including in your sleep. Therefore, sleep on your back!
  • Avoid oil based products as they slowly undue the glue in your lash extensions.
  • Try to stay away from rubbing your eyes over your eyelashes, or picking at your lashes.
  • Avoid mascara and curling your lashes—it’s not needed.
  • To prevent your lashes from getting tangled, use a spoolie wand.
  • Don’t use cotton swabs, or cotton balls when cleaning your eyes, as strands of cotton can get caught in your lashes.
  • See a professional who can advice you on how long to keep going with eyelash extensions—you need a break from time to time to ensure your own lashes stay happy and healthy!

That’s it! You now know how to care for your eyelash extensions like a pro! And in case you seeking a new Classic or Russian set of lashes, do reach out to us.


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