Since it’s the beginning of a new year, one of the things we all look forward to seeing is the hair and make-up trend for the new year. Hair and makeup trends have become an important part of fashion, and are intriguing enough. There are some hair trends that complement the makeup looks to create an impression for certain occasions, though, these makeup looks are not limited to a certain hairstyle.

It has been discovered that global happenings have a way of influencing how people look. For instance, the pandemic year was filled with lots of minimal makeovers and hairstyles. The minimalist trend during the pandemic was demanded by the use of facemasks. If everyone’s faces are covered, why does anyone need an outrageous makeover or hairstyle? The year 2021 was the year most countries lifted most of their pandemic regulations and towards the end of the year, many had a comeback of hair and makeup. Everyone wants to look their best, paying more attention to their hair and leaving the face covered with facemasks.

After two years of compulsory minimalist makeup and hairstyles, 2022 was the best comeback in hair and makeup trends as fashion enthusiasts paid more attention to colors and eye graphics, and hair colors. Now that the pandemic seems over, a lot are hoping that the year 2023 would be a good year for a more heroic comeback to hair and makeup. Taking note of the previous year’s trends and how people reacted to them, we have put together a list of hair and makeup trends that we think would win the hearts of many in 2023.

Minimal Glam and ponytail

The year 2022 was filled with colorful and outrageous makeup. This is because of the global opening up after one and a half years of lockdown and restrictions. Many makeup enthusiasts then took the year as a time to flaunt their beautiful and colorful skills with dramatic hairstyles and party looks. It isn’t inevitable that people miss the simple ponytail and minimal makeup looks. Minimalist makeup is all about natural skin blended foundation and lightly dusted powder with thin eyeliner and nude lipstick or lipgloss. The ponytail nape can be tied up to the middle of the head or the back of the head. This hair and makeup trend is ideal for any kind of outing; date, family, or workplace gathering.

The Smoke Show and Red Short Fringe

The smoke show face and red short fringe is a combination of smokey black eyeshadow makeup and a red short fringe hairstyle. It is important to know that short fringe hair needs to follow some tips to bring out the beauty of the hairstyle. First, complete the application of your dark smokey eyeshadow before styling your hair. It allows you to adjust your hair to fit the makeup on your face and to blend the foundation well, without any hair obstruction. If the fringe has already been styled, hold the part down with a hairclip. You don’t want to leave any part of your face untouched because it was covered by hair. Second, while the smoke show is what we want your face to look like, make it as light as possible. Add light color to the dark shadows if you can. Have an under-the-eye concealer before applying your dark eyeshadow. Also, your eyeliner should be lighter than usual. Remember you already have a smokey eye shadow. Your eyeliner shouldn’t be so thick any longer. Now that your eye is done, the last tip for a perfect look is to have an attractive lip. Remember that your eyeshadow is already dark enough. Now, to compliment your look, find colorful lipstick to accompany your look. Also, if you want to use a lip liner, make sure that it is the same color shade as your lipstick.

Massive Blush and Braids

Blush, as a makeup product has been around for decades, and even as the new year resurfaces, we do not think it is leaving the makeup scene anytime soon. Blush is another makeup product that cannot be overlooked because it adds an almost natural effect to the face. While you can have light blush makeup on your face, you can have a heavy blush look. Either way, it makes your look focused on your cheek. However, for this look, a massive blush is needed. You can achieve the blush look with either liquid or powder or cream. After your massive blush look is on, you can have your hair neatly braided. Importantly, you can have do-it-yourself braids or get a professional stylist to have your hair braided to your preferred style.

Super Dew and Curly Brunette

The super dew look is great with curly brunette hair. The super dewy look is achieved with either very shiny and liquid-looking eyeshadows or a dewy lip, instead of matte lipstick. If you think you should add blush to your face, add a little dew to the blush for a shiny look. However, with your dewy lip, your mouth is already getting enough attention it wants. You can choose a natural dewy lip, or you can have a mild-looking color on your lip before applying the shiny gloss. Once your look is done, the curly brunette hair is just as easy to make. While you can have your hair curled with a do-it-at-home hair curler, or you can have your hair styled by a professional hair stylist.

Color Pop and Blonde Straight Hair

The color pop and blonde straight hair are quite straightforward. The color pop comes from the application of more than one bright color on your face. The color pop can either come from a colorful combination of eyeliner or a mix of colorful eyeshadows along with bright lipstick. The color pop face is often done with a graphic-designed eyeliner, complimenting colors of eyeshadows, along with straight blond hair. Whatever color pop combination you want to use, get straight blonde hair. If your hair is not naturally blonde, you can have your hair dyed by yourself or with the help of a hairstylist. Also, if your hair is naturally curly, you can have it straightened as you please.

Average Pricing

The new hair and makeup trends for the year are budget-friendly. This is because most of the styles and makeup in this trend can be done at home, which makes it cost less. However, if you want to get a professional hand on your hair, you have to know that the pricing is dependent on the style of hair and makeup you desire. Full makeup and hair styling is done for an average price of $150. However, some salons may charge higher than usual.


There are several hairstyles and makeup you can try as the new year look. The great thing about makeup trends is that they are endless. New trends keep coming out daily and old trends keep getting renewed and adjusted. Another good thing about hair and makeup fashion is that you can have a do-it-yourself by following strict instructions as regards what you want to achieve. However, if you don’t think you can get a perfect look by yourself, you can seek the help of a professional stylist for a budget. Overall, we are glad that the lockdown is over and the world is back to normal. Just before another pandemic surge, we hope that you make use of these trends as much as you can.

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