The beauty salon is an establishment that deals with cosmetic treatment. Other aspect of beauty salon is the hair salon and spas. The beauty salon comprises of massage (It reduces muscle tension, good form of relaxation, help with skin tone, also help reduce stress hormone, amongst others), hair removal; this includes waxing and threading. At present, the salon is one of the booming enterprise, it generates about $56.2 billion in the united states in a year and this success is been replicated across the globe including Dubai, UAE. This isn’t just a success of figures but how much we tend to address our inevitable need of appearing great.

However, looking good and attractive never comes cheaply, it requires a simple touch of professionalism. Which is why the beauty salon is a messiah to save you from any fear or insecurity of having a mediocre cater for your beautification. It’s no news to see people not feeling very secured when a friend or relative wishes to help them get their hair styled, face clean up or even a mere nail color selection. Interestingly, this experience doesn’t elude beauticians. You only feel secured with beauticians with tested and trusted records and that’s simply why we are here!

Nooora is an emerging on demand home beauty salon that offers nails, face, body and massage services. We are dedicated to rendering a helping hand to all beautiful ladies who are in need of a home salon service. We simply bring beauty to you! Our significance is demonstrated in situations whereby, you had a very hectic day and you do not want to stress yourself before reaching out to the beauty salon, or still you just want to feel great at your comfort zone. Yes! Nooora is what you need to achieve such an exhilarating dream. we help make your life very easy without causing you any stress or dissatisfaction.

At Nooora, our service speaks for itself. We do understand how tight or stressful it might be to get a suitable salon, this difficulty ends ones you encounter our service – where your beauty need is attended to by experts, certainly. Our beauticians are very skilled to bring out the beautiful you, they are trained to complement all areas of your body; bringing out the perfect you to be seen by all. There’s an undeniable fact about Nooora; our trained beauticians that will help you feel alive, more attractive and lively with our standard-unique service of beautifying you. It is also important you note that, Nooora is constantly evolving as we have promised to give our esteemed customers the best we got. In addition, you should be informed that the quality of our service has secured us a place at the apogee of professionalism – among our contemporary beauty salons. We have been able to gain significant influence in the field of beauty salon; our names move like whirl wind in the salon space of Dubai. Come have an everlasting experience of beautification.

Why experience the hassle of finding a beauty salon when you can have a better service rendered right at your comfort zone without stress? You want an easy lifestyle, a beauty salon that will suit your lifestyle? You want perfectionist to handle your body care? Or you do not want mediocre to cater for your beautification? Nooora is for you, come have your wish fulfilled. You are left to decide how good you want to appear to whosoever sees you, the dream you want is a decision you have to make today!

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