While skincare regimes, hair care regimes and nail care regimes are frequently spoken about, not many people talk about how to take care of their eyelashes. Possibly because breaking out and having a bad case of acne on a first date, or a serious case of fatty hair, is more of a concern. It’s more noticeable. However, nice looking lashes does a lot to make you look beautiful. And that goes beyond curling them or applying mascara—that’s just a quick fix. To ensure your lashes stay healthy and luscious is a different beast altogether.

It Starts on the Inside

The health of your hair, skin, nails and lashes all starts with what you put inside your body. Your body needs both energy and a plethora of different nutrients to function properly. Eating a balanced whole foods diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables tend to be your best bet.

In addition to a good diet, staying hydrated, sleeping well and exercising all boost your bodily functions. However, when it comes to your lashes, the most important part is getting the right nutrients. Taking a multivitamin a couple of times a week (you shouldn’t need to take it every day if you also receive nutrients through your diet) can therefore also help.

Use a “Kind” Mascara

It’s no secret that a lot of cosmetics contain what can only be labelled as “questionable” ingredients. Before you decide on what mascara to use, therefore consider what ingredients it contains. Various colorants, fragrances, dyes and preservatives are hazardous for the skin. And while your mascara might only contain a little bit of those chemicals, if you use it every day…it adds up!

Remove the Mascara

Before going to bed, remove your mascara—and for that matter any makeup you might have used on your eyelids! Imagine the amount of dust, bacteria and other particles that get stuck in your mascara during the day. Not cleaning it off means it will sit on your eyes overnight. And while you’re sleeping you might very well rub it into your eyes!

Also, think about it the way you would do your hair—if you put products in your hair that dry them out and never remove them, your hair won’t be happy. Nor will your lashes.

There are many different make-up removers on the market, but a really easy trick is to use virgin coconut oil. It’s good for your skin, safe to use, and considerably less expensive than fancy brands. It will also help condition your lashes! So if you don’t use it as a make-up remover, consider using it as a conditioner.

When to Worry

Should you worry if you notice your eyelashes are falling out? No, because the average “lifespan” of an eyelash is about 2-3 weeks after that you may need a eyelash refill of 2 or 3 weeks volumes. That means eyelashes are constantly falling out. However, if a large amount of eyelashes suddenly fall out, or you notice swelling or irritation in the skin around your lashes, you should seek medical help. That way you can correctly diagnose what the issue is.

In Closing

Looking after your lashes starts by looking after your body at large—eating well and staying hydrated. By using a mascara that’s kind on your lashes (and your eyelids), and removing it at night, you can further help protect them. Also, ensure you use a make-up remover that’s kind on your eyes and contain no nasties. If you use virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover it will also condition your lashes. If you don’t use it as a make-up remover, consider using it as a conditioner for your lashes at night.

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