Having a mani-pedi is a luxurious and relaxing experience that leaves you with beautiful nails and having the this at home salon services is a different vibe altogether. And it will make you feel better for days, as just looking at your nails will make you happy.

However, all good things must come to an end—sooner or later the polish will start to chip, or your nails will break. There are tips and tricks to make a mani-pedi last longer though. Below we share nine tips for how to make your pedicures and manicures last longer.

Don’t Soak Your Nails Before Seeing the Nail Technician

If you’re having a “spa day” it may be tempting to get into the hot tub before having your mani-pedi. Especially with a service like Nooora that comes to you to do your nails. But if you wanna hang out in the hot tub, or jacuzzi, save it for later or get out the tub an hour beforehand.

Why? Because soaking in hot water will expand the nail plate. Then, when it contracts back to normal size, it messes with the nail polish.

For the same reason, you shouldn’t use soap, or lotion just before your mani-pedi either. You should, on the other hand, clean the nail with acetone, or white vinegar before applying polish (it will remove oil, dust, etc.)! The technician will do that for you though.

Apply a New Top Coat Every Three Days

It’s recommended you apply a clear topcoat every three days to prevent chipping. It will also enhance the shine. You can ask the nail technician which nail polish you should choose for this.

Get Some Gloves

Get some gloves if you want to do the dishes, gardening, or anything else where you keep your hands in water, or run a risk or getting them dirty. And if you have a soak in the hot tub, or jacuzzi, keep your hands out of the water as much as possible.

Avoid Sunscreen

Some sunscreens have ingredients that may harm your nail polish. So when applying it, avoid getting it on your nails, or wash it off with soap and water if you do.

Apply Cuticle/Nail Oil

Dry cuticles can cause your nail polish to peel and chip. Therefore get some nail oil, or cuticle oil and apply it to your fingers and toes daily. Also, remember to moisturize both hands and feet with a great lotion. One without harsh chemicals in it.

Protect Your Toesies

If your toes are constantly exposed to the elements in a pair of open sandals, or flip flops, chances are your nail polish will chip sooner rather than later. So opt for closed shoes.

If It’s Already Chipping

If the nail polish is already getting chipped, don’t worry. You can file down the tips of your nails and apply an extra top coat. Alternatively, you can add a super thin French tip. Ask your nail technician what polish s/he recommends for this.

Bear in mind that before applying a French tip, you should smooth the ridge in the polish with a little polish remover. Dipping a cotton swap in the remover and then gently smoothing out the polish works wonders. If you don’t smooth it out, you’ll end up with a bumpy looking nail!

Whatever you do, do not start picking away at chipped gel polish to remove it. This will ruin your nails as layers of your nail will come away with the polish. Gel polish should always, if possible, be removed by a technician. If not, buy a home gel polish removal kit.

Even regular nail polish should always be removed properly, but it’s less likely to cause damage if you don’t.

Hide the Growth

On the flip side of the coin, if the bottom of your nails are starting to show, you can cover the base of your nails with glitter. Or do a reversed French tip. Possibly in a darker shade than the original polish to add a nice contrast.

Avoid Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

If you work in a hospital or are in a region affected by COVID, this may no longer be possible. However, if it is possible to use a sanitizer that does not contain alcohol, your nails (and possibly your skin) will thank you. Alcohol wears away at nail polish and dries out your hands.

In these times, safety comes first though (it always should!). And even if you wear gloves when out, you need to disinfect the gloves (or throw them out if they’re disposable) when you come home—before touching any surfaces. You also have to wash your hands with sanitizer after removing the gloves. And remember that bacteria can get lodged in your nails/cuticles so be sure to really clean them with antibacterial soap or sanitizer!

In Closing

There are definitely things to do to make your mani-pedi last longer and also keep your nails healthy, including:

  • Avoid soaking your hands and feet in water, nor wash them with soap and water, or apply lotion just before the mani-pedi
  • Avoid getting sunscreen on your nails
  • Protect your hands with gloves and your feet with closed shoes
  • Apply a new topcoat every three days
  • Apply cuticle or nail oil and also moisturize your hands and feet
  • Use a hand sanitizer that does not have an alcohol base (if possible

If your nail polish is already chipping, you can file your nails down and apply a new top coat. Alternatively, you can create short French tips in another color. You can also apply glitter or nail polish to the base of your nails if there’s regrowth.

And just in case you feel like calling someone at home or office at the time of your choice,  Nooora’s nails services at home technicians are just a call or WhatsApp away.

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