With all the lockdowns people have been through around the globe, last year and this, they’ve decided to get creative. At least where their lashes are concerned. After all, sitting at home, there’s time for experimentation. And with the threat of COVID hanging over us, most of us have decided to live as we please instead of waiting for other peoples’ permission. As a result, eyelash trends are truly eye-catching. Excuse the pun.

Long and Thick

Eyelash extensions aren’t enough. These days, they should be 3D eyelash extensions to stand out in a crowd. Think three times as thick as regular extensions. Holy moly.



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Ready for some bling? Who isn’t?! Try putting gems in your lashes. Yes, it’s quite possible.

If you feel like something less stone-like, try glitter.

Colored Lashes

There’s nothing like color in summer, and this summer, be prepared to find lashes among your more colorful accessories. If you ever dreamed of standing out in a crowd, nice colorful lashes and matching eyeshadow should do it. Feel even bolder? Color your hair to match. Just remember, changing your hair color can be a lot more trying than changing the color of your lashes!

A lot of people this year favor the rainbow eyelashes.

You can book an appointment with Nooora for lash extensions. If you dare. If not, try colorful eyelash extensions you can glue on for the night.

Cat Eye Lashes

Want that cat-eye look? Some smoky eyeshadow and thick eyeliner will take you halfway there, but eyelashes that are short toward your nose and long at the edge of your eyelid will take you all the way. Have your eyelash technician cut the lash extensions to perfect this look.

Wet Look Lashes

If you’re planning to beach bum this summer, or just want that natural glow, try wet look lashes. You need extensions that are narrow volume fans. Ask your eyelash technician about it next time you see her. If you need to book an appointment we here at Nooora offer home service beauty treatments, meaning we come to you to do the job! You can book a session with one of our eyelash technicians here.


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