The Scrunchie Is Back

Hello 90s! Happy to see you again, or are we? At any rate, the scrunchie is back with a bang. So sit down and watch Clueless, or Full House and enjoy feeling…fashionable.  

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The Headband Follows Suit

The scrunchie couldn’t make it back alone. It had to bring the headband along. Naturally.

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The Half-Up  

80s or 90s? Who cares? This half-up hairstyle is back. Volume. Hairspray. Leotards. Yep, must have started in the 80s.

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The Modern Shag 

The shag is back too. This time, stemming from the 70s. Is there anything that’s truly 2020? Or are we just on repeat?

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 The Bob 

The bob is also back. Flicked in. Flicked out. Slicked back. Curled. Your pick. So long as it’s a bob, that is.

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The Fringe

Bangs. Bangs. Bangs. Need we say more? So long as you’ve got them, you’re cool. Or sophisticated, depending on how you go about it! (Adding snakes to your hairstyle is strictly voluntary and not necessarily stylish.)

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In Closing

 The 70s, 80s and 90s are back in style in winter 2020. Just choose your decade and have some fun going retro!

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